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This reading takes a look at two major aspects of your natal chart, your Midheaven, and your Part of Fortune. By observing these two placements in your unique natal chart, you will find great information and insight on not only the types of energies or careers that would make you the most successful, but the path that will fill up your own inner cup of bliss.

*PLEASE NOTE* This reading requires you to know your exact birthdate, exact time of birth (am/pm), and the exact city/town you were born in. With this information I can calculate your correct birth chart, where I can then find your Midheaven and Part of Fortune. When checking out be sure to check the “Tarot Pickup Option” for shipping, this way you won’t be charged. I’m not able to refund any shipping costs once they have been purchased.

*AFTER PURCHASING READING- Please email your full name, birthdate, time of birth, and the city you were born in to, For example, Boo Kitty, 05/31/2010, Pinetop, Arizona, USA. If information isn’t sent within 48 hours of your purchase your reading will no longer be valid or refunded however always feel free to reach out with inquiries.* 🧿 Once information has been emailed you will receive your reading via email within 48 hours.

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