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In this reading I will take a look at your overall energetic field. I will asses the colors in your aura and give insight to what they mean, along with the types of crystals you are most aligned with and how to use their frequencies to help oneself heal.

When purchasing this reading, be sure to choose the “Pick up/Tarot” option for shipping, this way you won’t be charged. After purchasing I’m not able to refund shipping costs.

*AFTER PURCHASING- Please email your name (EX- Zelda Morning Star) and full birthdate (EX- 08/02/1996) to, this way I can integrate the energy of your name and birthdate using numerology. If information hasn’t been emailed to me within 48 hours of purchasing, your reading will no longer be valid and will not be refunded.*

*Readings will be sent to email provided within 48 hours of received emailed information.*

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