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Did you know that we all have a unique life path number that can be decoded using your birth date and numerology? In this reading you will receive an in depth description of your life path number, including what tarot card your life path is most heavily influenced by. This reading will also include your shadow or hidden factor card, this card will give helpful insight to your most difficult challenges in this life and a closer look at one’s shadow self.

*AFTER PURCHASING READING- please email your full birthday and name to, for example: Zelda Morning Star, 08/02/1996. Your life path is based on your full birthdate and I cannot complete this reading without it. If reading is purchased and I haven’t received your birthdate within 48 hours of the purchase, your reading will no longer be valid. Being an independent, small business owner, I can’t offer refunds at this time, however always feel free to reach out with any inquiries.* 🧿 Once information has been emailed you will receive your reading via email within 48 hours.

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